2 out of 5 students in class have cats as pets there are 20 students in the class how many have cats?

Waino Toy asked a question: 2 out of 5 students in class have cats as pets there are 20 students in the class how many have cats?
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🎓 How many schools have class pets?

While many teachers have brought pets into the classroom or arranged animal visits, not as many schools have formal programs to support it.

🎓 Can class pets help students?

A classroom pet creates enthusiasm in most students – enthusiasm to pitch in and help, enthusiasm be a team player, and enthusiasm for learning when the pets are involved in the lessons A classroom pet allows for creative additions to the lesson plans of your curriculum in various subjects – science, math, art, geography and language arts projects can all be developed around your classroom pet

🎓 One fourth of 32 students have pets how many students do not have pets?

Well... if one fourth of students have pets... 32/4=8, so 8 students have pets. If there are a total of 32 students, minus the 8 that have pets, 24 do not have pets!

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The ratio of 2 / 5 is the same as 40%. We would simply take 40% of the twenty students in the class: 20 * 0.4 = 8 students have cats. (Note, this is the same as multiplying by two over five).

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Should college students have pets?

The Pros and Cons of Owning Animals in College. Students may want pets for a variety of reasons. They’re lonely or stressed or miss their family pets. Or maybe they’ve never had pets of their own before but have always wanted them. But before diving into pet ownership, students should evaluate whether now is the right time to get a furry friend.

How many high school students have pe class?

Progress has not been made toward reaching the national health objectives for 2010 related to PE. In 2003, only 55.7% of high school students were enrolled in a PE class, only 28.4% were attending PE class daily, and only 39.2

How many students have cell phones in class?

Around 97% of college students use their phones during class for non-educational purposes, according to a study published last month in Journal of Media Education. 3% of students said they do not use a device during class for non-class-related activities

How many students to have a graduate class?

Generally, most graduate-level classes are quite small. Most doctorate classes at most universities around the world are no bigger than 15 to 20 students, and many of them are 2 to 5 students.

1) how many students are there in your class?

The class size is how many students in a particular class group. The student to teacher ratio defines how many students the number of teaching and assisting adults in the class. If the class uses co-teachers or in-class tutors, the number of students to teachers drops quickly.

4. how many students are there in your class?

1348. This can be phrased in many ways in both English and Italian, - I think DL is trying to stay close to being both close to the original, correct and common. How many students - are there - in your class = Quanti studenti - ci sono - nella tua classe. ~.

How many students are there in your class answer?

Steve: How many students are there in the class? Susan: Oh, about 12 I think. Everyone is about the same age, so that's great. Steve: Where are you going, where are you doing the lessons? Are you at the college near the tennis club? Susan: No. We're at the town library.

How many students should be there in class 4?


[solved] how many students are there in the class?

There are more than 20 but less than 27 students in the class.

How many male students and female students there in your class?

20 females, 18 males

How many college students own pets?

While a study of more than 1,000 schools and their pet policies found that just 4 percent allow pets, the number has been slowly inching upward. Anecdotal evidence shows just a handful of pet-friendly colleges existed a few decades ago. Now, there are more than three dozen.

Can international students legally have pets?

Pet-friendly schools like Alfred State College of Technology in New York bestow the privilege of having family pets live with their students on selected areas on campus, subject to them abiding policies set. For one, only selected species and breeds are eligible, ie. Dogs (under 40 pounds when fully grown), domestic cats and rabbits.

Are cats good college pets?

Cats make good pets for college students. They groom themselves, don’t require as much attention, are smaller than dogs, and don’t need to go on walks. They can be litter trained, learn to entertain themselves, and don’t require expensive toys. Many breeds are hypoallergenic and spend a large part of the day napping.

Should schools ban class pets?

"Yes, pets should be banned in school. They are really off-putting and when we had one everyone just watched it all day long." Nathan, 9, Loughborough, England "I think that class pets should be...

How many students are there in one high school class?

Each of my high school classes had between 8 (Arabic) - 150 (Gym) students. Core subject classes were usually ~40 students though. My year (the class of students) had 630 students

How many students should be there in one class room?

i would have to say about maybe 25-30 students for jr. High and high school but for lower grades there should be 15-20... hope it helps @ all!!

How many students were there in your class last year?

In the period March to May 1992, there were 984,000 people aged 18 to 24 in full-time education. In May to July 2016, there were 1.87 million, approximately 1 in every 3 people, aged 18 to 24 in full-time education. Looking at the employment rate amongst this group you can clearly see students gaining employment during the holidays.

How many types of students are there in your class?
  • There’s something so universal about the student experience, that you can find these 13 types of students in every class. Do you recognize yourself in this list? There’s no doubt that every person is unique in their own way, but walk into every classroom, and you’re bound to find these 13 types of students.
Can graduate students have cats?

Cats barf hairballs, grad students barf highballs (and any other drink they can consume to excess). Food is very important to them. Sleep is also very important to them.

How do class pets help students focus in the classroom?

Behavioral Impact: When an animal is brought into a classroom setting, students are more likely to follow instructions and to focus on a task. They ask more appropriate questions and engage with their teacher more. There are fewer emotional outbursts and more positive behaviors.

How many high school students have trouble with trigonometry class?

trigonometric functions for both classes. The results indicate that the students ... Trigonometry is an important course in the high school curriculum. Understanding trigonometric functions is a pre-requisite for understanding topics in Newtonian physics, architecture, surveying, and many branches of ... and students have trouble reasoning ...

How many students does an average high school class have?

Statewide, class size averages are 15.46 students per class in grades preK-3, 17.75 in grades 4-8, and 19.01 in high school. Some cities regulate class size as well.

How many students does each class have at csun university?

California State University, Northridge (CSUN / ˈ s iː s ʌ n / or Cal State Northridge) is a public university in the Northridge neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.With a total enrollment of 38,815 students (as of Fall 2020), it has the second largest undergraduate population as well as the third largest total student body of the 23-campus California State University system, making it ...

50 students are in a class 20 percent of them werent there how many students went to class?