3.6 gpa equals what?

Lamar Weimann asked a question: 3.6 gpa equals what?
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🎓 2.80 gpa equals to what grade?

Depending on the grading system of the college or university, it could be either a C+ or an B-. Definitely a B-. Typically a B- is a 2.7, so a 2.8 is above that.

🎓 College education equals financial security, wealth?

And you want them to get that degree so they can get that job and go live their financially secure life. This is great. But I think two things are likely going to get in the way of financial security and true wealth for your kids, even if they go to college: student loans and credit cards. Here’s how it happens and how to avoid it.

🎓 How many years of college equals experience?

Bachelor’s degree is equivalent to three (3) years of experience Master’s degree is equivalent to four (4) years of experience Doctorate degree is equivalent to five (5) years of experience

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I think it is an A-.

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How many clock hours equals a semester in college?

4320 clock hours equals to a semester in college

How many credit hours equals one year of college?
  • A bachelor’s degree generally takes four years, or 120 credit hours, to complete. According to this formula, one year is the equivalent of 30 credit hours. Since a year is comprised of two semesters, 15 credit hours are equal to one semester.
How many years in college equals 36 credit hours?

Most colleges require you to take at least 12 credits to be considered a full time student. Therefore if you were a full time student attending a college it would take you a maximum of 3 semesters or a year and a half in college. However, 36 credits can be achieved faster if you take the usually maximum amount of credits per semester which is 18. You will then receive 36 credits in 2 semesters or a year in college.

Is it true that a college degree equals success?
  • Getting a college degree has become a goal in the chase to achieve happiness. The only problem with the ‘college = success' equation is that an academic education is not the answer for everyone. The value of having a degree is decreasing.
A student answered3questions out of40 equals what percent test incorrectly.what percent was correct?

92.5% incorrect answers (test score = 7.5%)

How long it take to get 60 college credits equals?

How long does it take to get 60 credits in college? A two –year program equals approximately 60 credits; a four-year baccalaureate equals approximately 120 credits. 15 credit hours per quarter x 3 quarters per year = 45 credits per year. Is 60 credits full time? 60 credits (part time) – around 16 to 18 hours. 120 credits (full time ...

How many credits equals 1 year and half of college?

Most colleges require you to take at least 12 credits a semester to be considered a full time student. However, if you take more than 18 credits a semester you must pay extra on tuition. Therefore the average college student will have between 36 and 54 credits after a year and a half of attending college.

How many laps at cypress college track equals 1 mile?


How many years in college equals to 72 credit hours?

A little less than two and a half. Two and a half would be 75 credit hours

What is the supplies needed for 6th grade students in ms 181 equals 1?

It depends on the teacher and also if you are in gifted and talented or not.

How many laps around a high school track equals 1.5 miles?

It depends on how big the track is, Well technically that's right but in places in the west,east,and south the limit for high school and middle school tracks should be the same. so for that it should be about for laps plus one half of one then a walk.

Is bachelor degree of electrical engineering plus master degree of computer science equals computer engineering degree?

yes it does as per my knowledge

A school charges 225 per semester hour equals 645 per course. how much is that per credit hour?

Credit hours and semester hours are the same thing. Three semester hours (credit hours) of class contact time per week equals three credits toward graduation requirements. This would be for colleges and universities that operate on a regular two semester academic year which is the most common. Thus, if a school is charging $225.00 per credit, and the course is three credits, the tuition for that course would be $675.00.

If 35 percent of students are taking math this semester that equals 520 students how many students attend this school?

Assuming 35% of students attending this school are taking math, and 520 students attending this school are taking math, then 35% is 520 over the number of students attending this school. Let x= the number of students attending this school.So 35/100 = 520/x,35x = 520*100 (cross multiply)35x = 52000 (multiply)35x/35 = 52000/35 (divide both sides by 35)x = 1,485.71So, there are about 1,486 students attending this school. Note, that since x is not a whole number, that one of 35 and 520 students must be an estimate rather than the actual percent or number of students. Ok then well there you have it folks Mr. Smarty pants!

A random sample of 120 students has a test score average with a standard deviation of 11.4 find the margin of error if c equals 0.90?

i y=use Z-test

How do you calculate your percentage of attendance at school if the school year is 180 days with 7 class periods and you have 101 absences 1 absence equals 1 class period?

91.98%school year: = 180 days * 7 class periods/1 day= 1260 class periodsnumber of class periods present = total - absences= 1260 - 101= 1159% of attendance = 1159/1260 * 100% = 91.98%

What colleges offer what programs?

Most colleges are currently offering a variety of program types to suit the needs of both students and employers. Certificate Programs. Certificate programs require the completion of two semesters (or one year) of study, as approved by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. See all Certificate programs at Ontario colleges. Diploma Programs

What teachers teach and what students learn best describes what?

"What teachers teach and what students (hopefully) learn," best describes: the school's curriculum. Changes in the way students think and relate to their peers, caused by maturation and experience, are best described as: development.

What age are.kids.in what grade school?

Elementary school is kindergarten through 5th grade (ages 5-10), middle school is grades 6-8 (ages 11-13), and high school is grades 9-12 (ages 14-18).

What colleges accept what ap scores?

Minimum AP Score; Bowdoin College: 4 (5 for AP environmental science) Gettysburg College: ...

What grades take what standardized test?

In the US: PSAT: 11th grade (and sometimes 10th for extra practice). SAT: Usually 11th grade. PLAN: 10th grade. ACT: Usually 11th grade. AP Tests: 9th - 12th grades.