Even if you don't go to college can you still get a job like a job at an bank or something like that?

Burley Mills asked a question: Even if you don't go to college can you still get a job like a job at an bank or something like that?
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🎓 What school on wizard101 that wizards dont like?

it's either your mom or your face

🎓 Are there college credits that dont go towards degree?

Students can take the CLEP or DSST tests to receive credit in various subjects. Once degree-seekers receive their test scores, their school can decide whether or not to accept the credit. Students can then apply those credits toward their degree. Learners should talk to their advisor to ensure they meet all of their graduation and major requirements.

🎓 Five college mascots that dont end with a s?

Illini (University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign) Cardinal (Stanford University) Irish (University of Notre Dame) Orange (Syracuse University) Green Wave (Tulane University)

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nothat's not true...i didnt go to college and i work in a bank. As long as you carry yourself professionaly.

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How to make college better when you dont like it?

If you try out for the club soccer team and don’t make it, take some time to be upset, but then pick yourself up and join a different club. College is competitive; don’t expect to get every position you apply for (no matter how full your Common App Extracurricular Activities Chart was). Explore alternative avenues to figure out what you really love. 3. Surround yourself with good friends ...

Why might people feel like they dont belong in college?

I just hope that someday, soon, I will be struck with an epiphany or some sort of realization of what will make me happy. I feel like I don't belong here, or that I'm too stupid for college. I know that's the negative voice in my head, and if you're reading this and can relate to it, you're totally nodding right now going "yes, yes this is me".

Is friday still a school day if even there's no school on that day?

Technically yes. Weekdays (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) are counted as school days. Unless you are in France where Wednesday is not seeing as they have Wednesdays off as a kind of weekend in the middle of the week.Unfortunately, they do have to go to school on Saturday mornings.

Is it true that parents spend to much time and money on school uniforms that students dont even wear all year?

Yes it is:)

Do middle school boys still like girls even if they have pimples and acne?

Some times. i m a boy and my girlfriend has acne.

Why dont people like atp school?

American Flyers, which like ATP has locations all across the US, just struck me the wrong way when I was doing my research. I chose ATP flight school for a …

Name something that college students get stolen from them on campus?

Computer money book car Bike Phone Ipod

How can you contact college students that are still in college?

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and the university itself.

Do college grades even matter?

In general, grades matter: For obtaining internships. Many will have GPA cut-offs or otherwise look at your record to determine who gets the... For pursuing further education. If you go to grad school, they matter. Potentially for your first job right out of college. This is less common, but ...

Is college even worth it?
  • From an academic standpoint, college is definitely worth it for most people who are intellectually curious and capable of using acquired skills for personal and professional benefit. Though college is a gateway to professional,...
Why you dont need college?
  • Colleges Don't Teach Skills Needed in Real World. A college education cannot prepare you adequately for the world outside…
  • Many Big Earning Jobs Don't Require College Degree. There are various jobs available in today's age that don't require a college degree but have high earning potential.
  • You Can Be Your Own Boss without a College Degree…
What is something that will impress colleges?

4 Best Extracurricular Activities to Impress Colleges 1. Get Involved with Student Government Do you have a passion for leadership? Have you always enjoyed history, social... 2. Join the Honor Society Are you looking to plan for your professional future -- while also proving to colleges that... 3…

Why dont students like school willingham editors?

Why Don't Students Like School?的书评 · · · · · · ( 全部 147 条) 热门 / 最新 / 好友 / 只看本版本的评论 叮当想旅行 2013-03-30 11:10:04

Why republicans dont like public school bills?

Idaho's governor last month signed into law a bill whose purpose, at face value, is noncontroversial. The law prohibits public schools and colleges from teaching that "any sex, race, ethnicity ...

You dont have much gud friends in your college you dont feel like to go to college is it correct or wrong?

i dont have much good friends in my college i dont feel like 2 go to college everyday you know na college without friends is really like a prison?

What is something middle school boys like?

15. I like it when you think I'm funny. Or interesting. Or awesome. I actually do care what you think about me. Please find something specific you actually like about me because sometimes I can't find anything in myself to like at all. I might roll my eyes, but your words and judgments do matter to me, and I will remember them, the good and the bad.

Are there colleges that dont take the act?

12 Colleges That Don’t Require SAT Or ACT In The US. Whatever your reason for seeking a school with a more flexible approach to exam evaluation, here’s a list of some top schools that don’t require SAT or ACT scores across the US to get you started in your search: 1. Pitzer College

What does school teach that students dont need?

The difference would be actually putting it into a class, instead of hoping that the students will see the teachers and school staff modeling leadership. Even if we just started by teaching the difference between persuasion and manipulation. It’s a fine line, but it means everything. 25. Time/Life Management. Children will often get this in their first semester of college. Why do we wait so ...

Does college like students that work after school?

Colleges do, of course, want to enroll athletes, actors, and musicians. But they also want to enroll students who have been good employees. The admissions staff wants to admit a group of students with diverse interests and backgrounds, and work experience is one piece of that equation.

Interesting topic that would like by college students?
  • World events can always be a hot topic with college students. You could start in a group of college students by gently bringing the subject up of what their opinions are of the new President or, what do they think of a One World Government. Politics are highly debatable, but should never end in an argument and each person should learn something from the others opinion.
Changing major before even starting college?

Generally it really doesn't matter as most colleges don't require you to pick a major until the end of your sophomore year. When you start college you will meet with your academic advisor and that would be a good time to discuss this.

— does college radio even matter anymore?

Adding to the alarm is the recent downfall of CMJ, the institution that for decades tied the nation's college radio stations together through charts and its annual festival. All this bad news has led some to eulogize the format, but college radio is still alive and, for many, still necessary.

Is college even worth it anymore?

Is College Even Worth It Anymore? ... Is college worth it? I think that’s the wrong question. A good university education has long been a cultural staple among the Western nations. It’s viewed as a mark of a successful, well-paying career among many people.

Is college for unschoolers even possible?

Most unschoolers are very knowledgable as they have been learning and living and exploring for years! College isn't just a first taste of freedom so failing doesn't tend to happen. So as I was looking for good links to back up my story here, I came across files and files of great information on how to get your unschooler into college. There is advise on how to prepare for the SAT or ACT. There is advise on how to translate an unschooling life into 'schoolese' therefore creating a ...