From where sonam kapoor finished her college?

Marilie Wiza asked a question: From where sonam kapoor finished her college?
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🎓 Did sonam kapoor go to college?

Sonam Kapoor did go to the University of East London and University of Mumbai.

🎓 Did ranbir kapoor go to college?

yes he was studeid from new york

🎓 Did steve jobs finished college?

Steve Jobs went to Reed College in 1972, but he didn’t make it through the year, and he dropped out of Reed College in 1972. So, the next time you’re walking along and minding your own business and somebody asks you “What college did Steve Jobs go to?”, you can look at them and tell them that the answer is Reed College.

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Sonam Kapoor finished her college at the University of Mumbai.

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  • If you have completed some college but never finished your degree, you are not alone. In fact, you are a part of the majority of students who take longer than 4 years to graduate. Despite the widespread perception that college students graduate in 4 years, Complete College America found that only 41% manage to do so.
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  • Netflix.
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i think he dropped out of highschool when he was 16, in order to follow his dream of acting and focus just on that. It's what i read when i did a mini report on him, so i believe that.