How does turnover of faculty affect students in higher ed?

Hans Haley asked a question: How does turnover of faculty affect students in higher ed?
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Outside of the financial costs, the loss of faculty members can bring educational consequences such as discontinuity in institutional research and educational program (Olsen, 1992). Faculty turnover can also lead to morale erosion, commitment loss to the institution, and further turnover (Olsen, 1992).

Is staff turnover a problem in higher education?

  • The respondent concern with staff turnover in higher education mirrors existing research that indicates the field of higher education is replete with high rates of turnover to the point of becoming an industry norm, regardless of institution type (Figueroa, 2015).


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🎓 How does teacher turnover affect student achievement?

High turnover undermines student achievement

Research shows that high teacher turnover rates in schools negatively impact student achievement for all the students in a school, not just those in a new teacher's classroom. These rates are highest in schools serving low-income students and students of color.

🎓 How does a learning environment affect teacher turnover?

  • The same research paper shows that positive learning environments can lower teacher turnover by 25 percent. This is significant because teacher turnover has been linked to increased costs and poor student achievement.

🎓 Are there higher turnover rates in private schools?

  • The opposite interpretation is that private-school teachers must be under paid. Private schools, some point out, suffer higher teacher turnover among early-career teachers: 24 percent of private-school teachers are in their first three years of teaching, compared with 13 percent of public-school teachers.

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Higher education institutions are experiencing a higher rate of turnover as professors and employees leave the workforce due to growing burnout aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic.. A new Transamerica report finds the pivot to online education in the past year has augmented employee turnover, as 35% of higher education institutions report higher movement within their employee base.

How Teacher Shortages and Teacher Turnover Affect Students. “ To hear Trina’s counselor say they haven’t offered a senior science class for the LAST THREE YEARS, I am flabbergasted. Then they wonder why their students have to take remedial classes their first year of college, while students from nearby towns can get right to work on ...

The results indicate that students in grade-levels with higher turnover score lower in both ELA and math and that this effect is particularly strong in schools with more low-performing and black students. Moreover, the results suggest that there is a disruptive effect of turnover beyond changing the distribution in teacher quality.

However, the study found that “there is a disruptive effect of turnover beyond changing the composition in teacher quality,” thereby impacting the achievement of all students in high turnover schools. The explanation for this widespread effect lies in the burden on the teachers who stay, often called “bystander teachers” or “stayers.”

Although some teacher turnover can be beneficial in certain cases, high teacher attrition has potentially harmful effects. In addition to increasing shortages, high turnover rates create extra costs for schools. The Learning Policy Institute estimates that turnover costs up to $20,000 or more for every teacher who leaves an urban district.

Principal turnover may also affect ... % of schools lose at least two principals in three years. Such frequent turnovers are even more common in schools with high poverty and minority student ...

The relationships among salaries, benefits, and turnover rates can be expected to affect the composition of faculty in public and private schools. In small private schools in 1990-91, where the turnover rate was 17 percent, teachers tended to be less experienced in the profession than those in large public schools.

The survey expected to find that schools with high graduation rates had dedicated staff, were committed to retaining students, and utilized tried-and-true teaching and learning strategies that make a difference in the learning atmosphere and social climate of the institution. However, the study revealed that resources trumped all other factors.

Of the 28 paper pairs from faculty members with a range of development participation, 57 percent of the newer papers from high-participating faculty members were rated as holistically “better.” In one case study of a high-participating faculty member’s students’ papers, raters agreed that the papers were generally better in argument, conclusions, higher-order thinking and student point of view.

Notably, the gains are significant throughout higher education. Community colleges saw relatively small increases in adjunct reliance during the 10 years studied, but that's because their use was already greater than in other sectors. Between 2003 and 2013, the study finds, the share of faculty members who were off the tenure track increased from:

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Relationship between academic stress and mental health

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Improvements in student achievement will happen in schools with positive and professional cultures that reflect a positive school climate. Strong school cultures have better motivated teachers. Highly motivated teachers have greater success in terms of student performance and student outcomes.

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