Is vampiric tutor in commander legends?

Cary Thompson asked a question: Is vampiric tutor in commander legends?
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Commander Legends Foil: Vampiric Tutor.


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🎓 Is vampiric tutor banned in commander?

They're legal in commander bcause everything is legal in commander unless it's specifically banned. Essentially, it's balanced because it's a singleton format.

🎓 Why is vampiric tutor banned?

Vampiric Tutor has been restricted since October 1999 for being a cheap and powerful tutor. Wheel of Fortune has been restricted since March 1994 for providing very powerful card drawing… Some players consider this card to be the most powerful card ever printed.

🎓 Why is imperial seal more expensive than vampiric tutor?

It's considerably more expensive because it was printed only in Portal Three Kingdoms, which had a very limited print run and was very difficult to find in North America. They have different supply. Decks in EDH and Vintage that want Vampiric Tutor also want Imperial Seal.

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