Karachi grammar school fees per month?

Jettie Ortiz asked a question: Karachi grammar school fees per month?
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🎓 What is the fees of karachi grammar school a levels?

about 16,000 monthly for A levels

🎓 What is the monthly fees in karachi grammar school middle section?

35900 per month

🎓 When was karachi grammar school created?

Karachi Grammar School was created in 1847.

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what is the fees of o level in Karachi rammar school

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The best school in karachi?


  1. Karachi Grammar School
  2. Mama Parsi School
  3. The City School
  4. Bayview High School
  5. Foundation Public School
  6. Beacon House School System
What is the fees of those top schools in karachi?

Fees for private O level schools depend on which class the child studies in. Most of these school have monthly tuition fees starting at PreSchool from around 8000 rs per month and increasing upwards of 15,000 rs per month for high school.

Which university has the cheapest per semester fees in karachi?


What grammar school means?

‘Grammar schools are defined by their pursuit of academic excellence, traditional teaching methods and ethos of strict discipline,’ explains Bob McCartney, chair of the National Grammar Schools Association. ‘Students are selected based on their academic potential, to identify those who are most suitable for this type of education.’

Does grammar school mean elementary school?

elementary school definition: 1. a school that provides the first part of a child's education, usually for children between five…. Learn more.

Is queen's school a grammar school?

Yes, Queen's School is a Grammar School. Queen's School Cheshire Great Britain It was made in 1960. It's purpose was to be used as a night class for dance.

Best a-levels school in karachi?

Karachi grammer school clifton grammer school

How to open school in karachi?

To get admission to Karachi grammar school, first, you have to fill the admission form. After that, the school will arrange an interview and take an admission test from the child. After that, the school will arrange a consultation with parents.

Is school off tomorrow in karachi?

The academic year in Karachi begins in late August and ends on the last week of May. Students enjoy a two-week Winter Break from December 17 to January 1 and one week of Spring break from April 1 to April 5. School holidays in Karachi are divided into three terms. Other school holidays are in lieu of the announced public holidays in Karachi, which ...

When was karachi american school created?

Karachi American School aims to deliver a modern American Curriculum to ensure at all its students of our culturally and socially diverse student body are prepared for international academic institutions of higher learning and become responsible global citizens.. Karachi American School was established in 1953 and is a selective and futuristic co-educational day school, which offers an ...

When was springfield school karachi created?

Springfield School Karachi was created in 1966.

Which school is best in karachi?

Which is the best school for girls in Karachi?

  • It is Girls secondary school known as one of the best school in Karachi. The only girl school in Karachi established on 1 April 1918. Being among the earliest schools, Mama Parsi provides quality education, in regard to academics, behavior, as well as personality construction.
Are grammar school and elementary?

Ages 11-18 is Secondary School (with education compulsory to age 16) In British English "Primary" is preferred to "Elementary". Middle Schools have been phased out in most places, but would have covered ages 9-14. "Secondary" is prefered to "High" school. Grammar Schools are secondary schools that are selective.

Is kingston grammar school private?

Kingston Grammar School is an independent co-educational day school in Kingston upon Thames, England. The school was founded by Royal Charter in 1561 but can trace its roots back to at least the 13th century.[2] It is a registered charity under English law.[3] It was a boys' school from its foundation until 1978, when the first girls were ...

What is british grammar school?
  • British Grammar School is an English Medium Co-educational school for the Boys and Girls affiliated to State Government of Andhra Pradesh . The medium of instruction in English. School is offering 1 st Standard to 10 th Class.
What was a grammar school?

Elementry School back in the days!

Which grammar school is better burnham grammar or st bernards?

St Bernard's if you're a practising Catholic....obviously. They teach the Catholic ethos.

Is a grammar school a selective school?

Despite being selective, grammar schools are state schools and are funded by the government. In addition, there are eight bilateral schools in England, which admit pupils of all abilities but reserve a certain number of places in a 'grammar stream' for those who meet the academic requirements.

Is coombe girls school a grammar school?

No it is a state school, for grammar schools you need to take an entrance exam. Coombe girls' is a state school

How to open a school in karachi?

While some schools charge Rs 2000 for the registration, Karachi Grammar School registration is free, and other schools such as British Overseas School charge Rs. 40,000(non-refundable) Documents required for Registration. Child birth certificate; NIC copies of both parents; A family photograph; Some schools also ask for the vaccination record

Is there any school holiday in karachi?

i think there is because of atomic energy and fighting that are happening in Karachi.

Is there holiday tomorrow in karachi school?

NO..........................yes it is off on wendesday 14 9 2011 because of rain..….......:):):)