Monash university is located in what city?

Laron Reynolds asked a question: Monash university is located in what city?
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🎓 Where is monash university located in australia city?

Caulfield campus is Monash University's second largest campus, nine kilometres south-east of Melbourne. Peninsula campus It is about 40km south of Melbourne and has around 3500 students.

🎓 Where is monash university located?

The main Monash University is based in Melbourne, Australia, in the state of Victoria. Monash University also has schools around the world in Malaysia, South Africa, China, India and Italy.

🎓 Where is monash university australia located?

Caulfield campus is Monash University's second largest campus, nine kilometres south-east of Melbourne. Peninsula campus It is about 40km south of Melbourne and has around 3500 students.

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Monash University is a public university that has eight campuses located in eight different cities. However, its largest campus, the Clayton campus, is based in Melbourne, Australia.

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