Question: are mit students smarter than harvard?

Raleigh Cummerata asked a question: Question: are mit students smarter than harvard?
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🎓 Are mit students smarter than harvard students?

Further assuming there are only minor differences at the tails (say, MIT students are smarter at 99.91% while Harvard students are dumber by 99.909%) and using the 10k rule, we would need roughly 1 million such geniuses, sampled from both Harvard and MIT randomly, to properly test this.

🎓 Are c students smarter than a students?

By that definition, an A student is better able than a C student to acquire knowledge of the subjects taught in school and to apply that knowledge when completing assignments and taking tests. Think about this definition of intelligence: “the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.”

🎓 Are homeschooled students smarter than public school students?

Why Homeschooled Students are Smarter than Public School Students… Ray with the National Home Education Research Institute, homeschooled students score above average on emotional development measures. They also score above average on achievement tests despite their parents' income or level of education.

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The dumbest MIT student is definitely smarter than the dumbest Harvard student (and Yale/Princeton/Stanford student). It’s not even close. The academic bar you must clear to enter MIT is much higher than that for all the other schools except for C...

Study: MIT students are smarter than their Harvard peers. By Galen Moore – Web Editor, Boston Business Journal . Nov 28, 2012. The U.S. News and ...

In terms of undergrad enrollment, Harvard and MIT are pretty similar: Harvard has around 7,000 students, while MIT has about 4,300. When it comes to total enrollment, however, Harvard offers a much larger student body than MIT does , with its 20,000 students compared to MIT's 11,000.

The correct answer is 5 cents (.5 + 1.05= $1.10). What's really interesting is that this puzzle has been presented to thousands of university students, and more than half of those from Harvard, MIT, and Princeton gave the wrong answer. At less prestigious universities, more than 80 percent got it wrong.

Are MIT students smarter than Harvard? The U.S. News and World Report consistently puts Harvard University at the top of its annual ranking of national universities, but students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology may be smarter than their counterparts up the river. MIT took the top ranking, followed by Harvard.

Ivies accept only a fraction of students applied and they can choose the best applicants. But if the question is if the top student in Harvard is smarter than the top student in, e.g. University of Virginia the answer may not be so obvious. First, no college can tell for sure that certain kid one day will be a Nobel prize winner, and those ...

Question ID: 475253 ... but MIT's board refused. > Is it a better place to expand one's knowledge because of the over-abundance > of smarter people around you? As a MIT alum, no. :) > I was thinking of attending Stanford University, but I also am aware that Harvard and MIT allow students to take courses in the other university, and vice-versa ...

Harvard, for most families, is cheaper than attending their state's college or university. One, because that means that Harvard's actually doable; two, because that means you can graduate debt-free; and also three, because that means that the student body can be diverse and filled with the best people possible.

Giving strangers a big cash prize if they can answer these questions. Today I gave away money to Harvard University students who won this Campus Crawl Challe...

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Harvard Extension School. Harvard degrees, certificates and courses—online, in the evenings, and at your own pace. Harvard Summer School. Academic summer opportunities for adult, college and high school students—at Harvard and abroad. Harvard Professional Development. Short, intensive programs to develop skills and strengthen your ...

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The teachers that seem of average intelligence probably have a overall higher IQ than those that seem smart as they often have a high IQ score in their subject but much lower when assessing other areas.

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The answer is no. The fact is she is not even smarter than a baby and the sad thing is she is in 6th grade.

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Harvard College founded in 1636, is the oldest institution of higher education in the United States. Harvard College offers a four-year undergraduate, liberal arts program for students seeking their first degree. There are about 6,600 undergraduates at the College, with nearly equal numbers of men and women. In addition to Harvard College ...

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They found that by regularly having students report for testing, improvement could be effectively mapped over the course of their college career… What seems like a “no-brainer” to many now has empirical evidence, which shows that college makes you smarter by 0.25 to 0.33 out of a total 4.0 percentage points.

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Gifted and 2e people think differently and need to feel safe sharing their thoughts in a classroom. Gifted does not mean smart. Gifted is a brain-based difference that is sometimes a gift and often times comes with a challenge, especially when trying to fit in with the general public.

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According to KSL TV, students are rewarded with longer lunch periods if they reduce the number of tardies and keep up with grades. Teachers at the school say the new program, which offers students more time to socialize has significantly reduced the number of tardy slips at the school overall.

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A Cantibrigian, or Cantab for short, would be a resident of Cambridge. Of course Harvard students would fit the bill, but it's kind of like calling Yalies "New Havenites."

[quote] Mostly, I think we used "those a*****s", but in a loving, respectful way. [/quote]

Nice, JHS. :)

Harvard students unhappy?

In my daughter's 4 years there the number of students unhappy with Harvard she knew could probably be counted on one hand. Those who were unhappy often felt it hadn't lived up to some expectation. And a huge problem is that Harvard is so famous that no place could possibly live up to the challenge and fame of being called the No.1 College In The Universe.

Which school is smarter yale university or harvard university?

this dick'

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It depends what the teacher teaches them.the teacher has to follow a strict curriculum in schools and in homeschooling, the teacher can add or subtract subjects. So homeschoolers,yes learn more.I am a homeschooler myself!!

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Are You Smarter Than A College Professor? 15 Questions | By RICKYROCKIN | Last updated: Feb 13, 2013 | Total Attempts: 348 Questions All questions 5 questions 6 questions 7 questions 8 questions 9 questions 10 questions 11 questions 12 questions 13 questions 14 questions 15 questions

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Are You Smarter Than a College Student? fun. FACEBOOK 0. TWITTER. EMAIL.

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Tina, Tana, Tuna, Tona and... What is the name of the fifth daughter? {"name":"Are you smarter than a pre-schooler? - Take the Quiz" …

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Using video games as classroom tools that help teachers do their jobs with more impact is also good pedagogy. Video games can be exceptional teaching tools. To …

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Using video games as classroom tools that help teachers do their jobs with more impact is also good pedagogy. Video games can be exceptional teaching tools. To understand why, you don’t need any ...

Is clown college harder than harvard?

And it is extremely difficult to get into a closed school. But in the more general case, it has always been harder to get into the most prestigious arts institutions (regardless of the art form) than into the most prestigious academic institutions. Harvard has an admit rate that hovers around 5%.

Is oxford university better than harvard?

Based on the Official International Ranking of Universities, Oxford is better. Oxford University has been ranked #1, 2+ years in a row. The ranking places Oxford as first, Stanford as second, and Harvard as third. Going by nation, the US and UK are very close with universities in the top 10.

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Both Harvard and Princeton are in the top 10 of the QS World University Rankings: USA 2021… Princeton does have the advantage over Harvard in the diversity of its students and faculty, ranking joint 21st in the diversity and internationalisation indicator, compared to Harvard's joint 44th.

Is rice university better than harvard?

Kiplinger private school rankings say the state's most prestigious university is also the third best academic value in the country. Rice stood out for its ratio of six students to every faculty member, its non-need based financial aid, and its 21 percent admissions rate…

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Both Harvard and Stanford are prestigious U.S. universities that are known for high-quality education. Firstly, as far as academics are concerned, Harvard is better known for its law and business programs, whereas Stanford’s speciality is engineering and STEM.

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Therefore, the acceptance rate alone is not a good indicator that Harvard University is a better school or will be more difficult for you specifically to get into. On the flipside, Yale University is easier to get into based on acceptance rate alone.