Re: how to access the work library with sas university edition?

Althea Rolfson asked a question: Re: how to access the work library with sas university edition?
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Re: How to access the Work library with SAS University Edition? Posted 06-28-2018 05:13 AM (4816 views) | In reply to KurtBremser @KurtBremser @stephaniektaf I have SAS UE installed and can confirm the work library is accessible in the SAS Studio interface just as it would be in a full installation

Fortunately, both SAS University Edition and SAS OnDemand for Academics make it easy to set up libraries in your account without necessarily needing to write and execute a LIBNAME declaration. Within the Libraries navigation pane, click on the small filing cabinet icon under “Libraries”. This will open the New Library window:

When you are using the SAS University Edition, you can create only libraries that access files in your shared folder. You access your shared folder with this pathname: /folders/myfolders/ . Always use '/' in the directory path, even in Windows operating environments.

SAS University Edition includes SAS Studio, Base SAS, SAS/STAT, SAS/IML, SAS/ACCESS and several time series forecasting procedures from SAS/ETS. It's the same world-class analytics software used by more than 83,000 business, government and university sites around the world, including 92 of the top 100 companies on the Fortune Global 500 ®.

Hi, are you using SAS University Edition? If so, you won't be able to add/import additional Python libraries. SAS University Edition is a packaged system and does not have a way for you to add new modules. If using SASPy in a different (full) SAS environment, you should be able to simply use: import gensim At the start of your Python code.

Hello guys, I am trying to use my own data-set in SAS University edition but it gives error. For example, I am trying to run this code. Data Ab; infile 'C:\SASUniversityEdition\myfolders\My SAS Files\9.2\China Ret\sse.ret.dat'; Input stock $1-6 date $8-13 newdate $15-19 ret; run; Any help will be appreciated.

Due to a system upgrade, the format for LIBNAME and FILENAME statements associated with uploaded course data has changed. To identify the LIBNAME or FILENAME statement for your course, do the following: Sign in through . From the Courses tab, locate the appropriate course.

If your "My Folder" is equivalent to a SAS library, you can do the following: %sysfunc(pathname(work)); That gives you the path to the work library, which is at least one location that you have write access to.

New Intellectual Freedom Manual Available. The new tenth edition of the “ Intellectual Freedom Manual ,” published by ALA Editions in collaboration with ALA's Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF) is now available. This new edition was made possible with the help of UVM Libraries' own Trina Magi (Assistant Editor).

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SAS ® OnDemand for Academics has replaced SAS University Edition as the primary software choice for learners. SAS University Edition will be unavailable for download after April 30, 2021, and access to the software for current users will end Aug. 2, 2021. Individual learners, as well as university educators and students, can check out SAS OnDemand ...

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