Should the electoral college system be preserved?

Buford Parisian asked a question: Should the electoral college system be preserved?
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🎓 Should the electoral college system be changed?

Why the Electoral College Needs to Change. America’s current system of the Electoral College needs to change. Joseph Biden has been declared President-Elect and is projected to become the first Democrat to win Georgia in 28 years. Prior to the election, ABC, CBS, and other news sources projected Biden winning in a landslide, yet the election ...

🎓 Should the electoral college system be replaced?

  • The electoral college weighs votes differently based on location and reduces the number of states that candidates campaign in. Therefore, the electoral college should not be used to determine the winner of presidential elections. The electoral college should be replaced because it too frequently goes against what the American people want.

🎓 Should we keep the electoral college system?

Here are some reasons why the United States should retain the Electoral College system and what the founding fathers intended when they created it.

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From my perspective, the Electoral College should not be preserved as it currently exists. Although it was originally made to ensure the president was chosen by an informed, educated group of representatives.

Yes the Electoral college should be preserved because it makes all states equal. This is what our country is always fighting for, which is equality.

(p. 122) In my opinion, I believe Electoral College should be preserved because it ensures that everyone has a say in the election process. If it were to be changed to direct election, then they would focus on one specific part of the country and other sections would be left out (p. 130). Since 1836, there has never been a contingency election.

I believe that the Electoral College System should not be preserved. One reason it should be abolished is because it does not support the democracy we strive for. By only letting electoral votes count, there is the chance that the man the majority of citizens vote for will not become president.

According to Marshall’s logic, the existence of the Electoral College does not violate the one person, one vote standard because all votes count equally in the electorates, or states, where they are cast. Both the opponents and proponents of the Electoral College should acknowledge this fact in the debate over whether it should be abolished.

The electoral college is unjust and creates many unfair situation for many individuals in the United States, and for this reason, it should NOT be preserved.

Of course, the Electoral College is not a perfect system. However, through all its faults, it is part of the robust Constitutional checks and balances framework that preserves and protects hallowed American founding ideals.

The Electoral College System should be not preserved as a key component in the selecting of the president and vice president of the United States due to its undemocratic nature and its flawed system of representing the country’s preferences. The system of allowing the selection of the president to be determined by a group of elected delegates rather than the people does not comply with the nations democratic ideals. Though the system allows citizens to have some say in the process by ...

Why the Electoral College Should be Preserved (Editor's Note: This piece first appeared in The Ripon Forum on September 17, 2019.) A “time bomb lodged near the heart of the nation.” That is how the Pulitzer-Prize winning author, James A. Michener, described the Electoral College in his 1969 book, Presidential Lottery. Michener is not the only person in history who has been concerned about the Electoral College. Indeed, the elaborate process stipulated in Article II, section 1, clauses 2 ...

Moreover, the electoral college method preserved the two compromises over representation—the three-fifths clause and the big state-small state compromise—and guarded against a fracturing of votes for many candidates, which they thought might occur once George Washington was no longer available as a nationally respected consensus candidate.

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Should electoral college abolished?

And Americans have long understood themselves to be voting for their president, not for presidential electors. It is long past time to get rid of the Electoral College.

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Can a state abandon electoral college system?

In winner-take-all states, all electoral votes cast for the state are assigned to the candidate who gets the most electoral votes. The Constitution is silent on whether states or the electors themselves ultimately can decide which candidate gets the electors’ vote, and the U.S. Supreme Court has not addressed that issue in the handful of cases it has considered related to the Electoral College.

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Can states change the electoral college system?

States have chosen various methods of allocation over the years, with regular changes in the nation's early decades. Today, all but two states (Maine and Nebraska) award all their electoral votes to the single candidate with the most votes statewide (the so-called "winner-take-all" system).

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Do governors elections use electoral college system?

In a governor’s race using a state electoral college, these counties would be the equivalent of swing states like Ohio and Florida in a presidential campaign, receiving the great bulk of attention and campaign resources and being targeted by relentless get-out-the-vote efforts. Meanwhile, nearly another quarter of the state resides in ...

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How do abolished the electoral college system?

And while Electoral College winning/popular vote losing presidents are formally and technically legitimate holders of the office, the perception that a broken system is anti-democratic and anti ...

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How does the electoral college system work?

In the Electoral College system, each state gets a certain number of electors based on its total number of representatives in Congress. Each elector casts one electoral vote following the general election; there are a total of 538 electoral votes. The candidate that gets more than half (270) wins the election.

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How old is the electoral college system?

Tally of the 1824 Electoral College Vote, 02/09/1825 (ARC 306207) The Modern Day Electoral College: After only a few years, it became clear that that electing a President and Vice President from different political parties didn’t work as well in practice as it did in theory.In 1804, the 12th Amendment was ratified, which meant that the second-place Presidential finisher didn’t end up as ...

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Is the electoral college a broken system?

As recent events have shown, the Electoral College system for electing our president is too complicated, leaving it open to dispute and distrust. A solution is at hand, though: The National Popular...

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Is the electoral college a fair system?


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The electoral college is a fair system?


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What a screwed system the electoral college?

It relies on an archaic system of selecting electors who aren't representative of the population as it relates to the entire country. It's time to eliminate the Electoral College once and for all.

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What does the electoral college system assures?

Who wins the Presidency

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What does the electoral college system do?

  • The electoral college is the system that is used in the United States in presidential elections. The electors in the electoral college act as representatives for each state, and they elect the president and vice president.

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What is elected by electoral college system?

The Electoral College system is laid out in the Constitution and was envisioned by the founders as a system of voting in a time when there was little mass media, when many Americans would not have access to much information about the candidates. But on five occasions, the winner of the popular vote and the winner of the Electoral College have ...

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What kind of system is electoral college?

What kind of system is the Electoral College? The United States Electoral College is an example of a system in which an executive president is indirectly elected, with electors representing the 50 states and the federal district. The votes of the public determine electors, who formally choose the president through the electoral college. What is the Electoral College based on?

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What system can substitute tje electoral college?

The Electoral College system has not changed much since 1787 when it was defined in the U.S. Constitution. Hill Street Studios / DigitalVision. The current system for electing a U.S. president traces back to 1787 when the Founding Fathers crafted the Electoral College system as a compromise between those who argued for the election of the president by a vote of Congress and the election of the ...

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What type of system is electoral college?


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When was the electoral college system started?

Since 1800, over 700 proposals to reform or eliminate the system have been introduced in Congress. Proponents of these proposals argued that the electoral college system does not provide for direct democratic election, affords less-populous states an advantage, and allows a candidate to win the presidency without winning the most votes.

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Who does the electoral college system benefit?

The Electoral College makes some Americans’ votes more powerful than others. In fact, that’s part of the reason we have it to begin with; in the country’s early years …

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Whom does the electoral college system benefit?

charels c. dunkin

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