The students attended a concert in the city is this active voice or passive?

Valentina Littel asked a question: The students attended a concert in the city is this active voice or passive?
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🎓 How to teach active and passive voice to students?

Knowing the difference between these 2 voices is vital for students and writers to understand. To teach active and passive voice, make sure to identify the subject and verb in a sentence, explain the difference between active and passive voice, and rearrange sentences from passive to active using the same verb tense.

🎓 Do college essays need an active voice or passive voice?

Passive Voice or Active Voice? Are Both Acceptable in Your College Paper? The answer to this question is, yes, but with the caveat; it depends upon when and how you use them. The passive voice is better for certain purposes and the active voice is better for others. Most college papers will require you to use the active voice.

🎓 Esl students struggling with the passive voice?

After reviewing the passive voice together, have your students convert all of the passive sentences into the active voice. For lower-level classes, you might want to actually provide your students with a worksheet that has the passive voice phrases from the song. That way, all they need to do is translate them into the active voice.

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"The students attended a concert in the city" is an active voice sentence. The subject, students, performs the action of the verb, attended, and concert is the object. The passive construction of that sentence is "A concert was attended by the students." In a passive sentence, the object becomes the subject and the subject becomes the object. The verb phrase is a form of be and a past participle.

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