The student's books is on the desk the student's books are on the desk the students' books is on the desk?

Kailey Hoeger asked a question: The student's books is on the desk the student's books are on the desk the students' books is on the desk?
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🎓 The students books were on his desk?

is the use of 'on' here right or no :the book is on the desk ?

🎓 Which is possessive noun student's desk or students' desk or students desk?

The form "student's desk" refers to the desk belonging to a student. The form "students' desk" refers to a desk belonging to multiple students. The form students desk not possessive because it does not have an apostrophe. The word "students" is simply the plural form of the noun student.

🎓 The students books were on his desk aposterphe placement?

The student's books were on his desk.

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The correct verb for the plural subject 'books' is 'are': . The student's books are on the desk. (One student, several books,) The students' books are on the desk. (Several students, several books.)

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50cm - 20cm roughly, why do you want to know this anyway?

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Student desk in spanish?


What to do with students who fall behind teacher desk?

Administrators and teachers know they will need to catch students up in the fall, perhaps through reviewing skills and content that would have normally been covered this school year.

Is it illegal for teachers to take students headphones on desk?

Teachers will sometimes take away your phone or other item if they believe it is distracting you or the other students in your class. This is often within their power to do, though usually only for the duration of class or for

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how long is a school desk?

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Station: A student seat in a classroom. Classroom Space Guidelines Page 2 of 7 v. 1/19/17 . ASSIGNABLE SQUARE FEET PER STATION. Assignable Square Feet per Station (ASF/Station or ASF/S) guidelines are applied to existing rooms to understand whether the number of instructional seats is too high, too low, or on target for the pedagogical preference. The measure is a simple calculation of the size of the room (in square feet) divided by the number of instructional seats in the room. This metric ...

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The Teachers Desk is an organization that provides free supplies to schools and students in the United States and aims to encourage students and teachers. One can find more details on their official website.

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The Student Help Desk is purposed to service the students of Virginia State University who may be experiencing computer-related issues. Student workers, who are supervised by members of the staff, run the Student Help Desk. Some of the services offered include: Installing Microsoft Windows patches; Scanning for and removing Viruses

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mt teachers their is her purse and her lunch and are art

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votes. Student desk: pupitre. (Teacher's) Desk: el escritorio.

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The first desk were made by John Loughlin in Ohio. In you want to know more search in google "Who invented the first school desk"

Will treadmill desk improve student learning?

Levine’s idea was to slowly walk on a treadmill–at the speed of one mile per hour–while doing what you’d normally do at a desk. And although treadmill desks don’t provide LMS students and office workers with a real cardio workout, the benefits seem hefty enough.

Books for middle school students?

Laura wrote: "Twilight as a must read for MIDDLE SCHOOLERS?? That's 11 to 14 year olds....are we sure about that?" I think Twilight is perfectly fine for middle schoolers, and even New Moon. Now, I would wait a little longer than middle school to read Eclipse or especially Breaking Dawn, but TWILIGHT? Twilight has a few kisses, nothing else.

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Around 65% of students read between 1 and 5 hours each week. 13% of students are reading more than 6 hours each week. However, nearly 1 in 4 (22%) of students do not read at all for pleasure during the school year.

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well, books are great for students because they : increase your vocabulary help you learn something you've never learned before help you become better at reading for school they help your reading grades a lot! personally, i love books. They don't just help in school, but a lot of times, they have to do with real people. Even if they don't, magical and mythical stories are... well... just that! Books Can takes you to different worlds,and you can become more creative. And your teachers will like you a lot more too! My teachers love me because I love to read!

How do students choose books?
  1. Avoid Books that Appeal to One Gender in Particular.
  2. Know Your Students.
  3. Choose Books that Have a Good Amount of Activity.
  4. Let the Students Choose the Best Books for Them.
  5. Engage with Your Students All Day Long.
  6. Engage in Meaningful Classroom Discussion.
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  • This Side Of Paradise – F…
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A recent survey from the National Association of College Stores (NACS) is being cited in news reports, on Twitter, and in blogs as proof that students prefer print textbooks to e-book textbooks: The OnCampus Research Electronic Book and E-Reader Device survey, conducted in early October, found that only 13% of college students had purchased an ...

Epic! books: can students access epic books at home?

Epic Free: Your After-School Companion. Students now have access to Epic Free after 3 pm (local time), Monday through Friday, and on weekends for up to 2 hours every week. The time limit resets every Monday so that students can enjoy after-school reading every week and fulfill their daily 20-minute reading goals.

A student slides her 80.0 kg desk?

A student slides her 80.0-kg desk across the level floor of her dormitory room a distance 4.00 m at constant speed. If the coefficient of kinetic friction be...

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BackH Kids Desk and Chair Set, Height Adjustable Children Study Desk for School or Home, Tiltable Desktop, Ergonomic Chair Back, Eye and Spine Protect, with Bookstand, Pull Out Drawers Storage, Blue 6 $67 99

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$629.99 each (Reg) $489.99 Sale (Save $140)