What college started the we are chant?

Olen Rohan asked a question: What college started the we are chant?
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The University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign first held its homecoming event in 1910, celebrating the 100th anniversary in 2010. This event was held annually except for 1918, when it was cancelled because of the influenza epidemic.

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Argument: “Liberal Faculty Members are Using Classrooms to Promote Their Agenda ”. One of the assumptions in the myth of the liberal campus is that simply because …

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President Lyndon B. Johnson

Signed in November by President Lyndon B. Johnson, this law gave federal funds to state schools for, in part, low-interest loans and initiated the now-defunct Federal Family Education Loan Program.

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I yelled everyone yelled easy enough

Penn State’s In-Person Graduation Means A Return To State College Visitors posted April 30, 2021 in Centre County Report by Dayna Brewer for the Centre County Report Centre County Report: April 30, 2021 Newscast Story/ , ...

Where did the We Are Penn State chant come from? As it turned out, SMU coach Matty Bell considered Penn State his team’s best opponent and agreed to the game. But Suhey’s moment has become the origin point for the “We are …” cheer, though Penn State football historian Lou Prato traced its roots to a group of cheerleaders in the 1970s.

As you’d expect, one of college athletics most unique war cries comes with one of the most unique backstories. After John Adams, the University of Minnesota rugby captain, heard Sioux boys exclaim “ski-yoo” after winning canoe races on Lake Pepin. In 1884, Adams decided to come up with a chant for his team incorporating the Sioux cry.

According to a Dec. 6, 2003 story in the Washington Post, the chant originated at a Navy football game, when Navy -- in one of their first promising seasons in decades -- was trailing No. 25 ...

The chant was real and it existed long before the glory years of Thundering Herd football in the 1990s. Fact is, the chant had its beginnings not long after the crash. And it all began with Marshall’s cheerleaders from back in that day. Carol Richardson McCullough was not a Marshall student at the time of the tragedy.

I believe that we will win! " I believe that we will win! " is a chant commonly performed at sporting events. Originating in the Naval Academy Preparatory School, it became a tradition among fans and students of the United States Naval Academy, with other schools later also adapting the phrase.

The Lion Shrine on the Penn State University campus in State College, Pa. These are dark times for Penn State, but there are stories from Penn State’s past that can light the way into the future....

The Origin of the ‘We Are’ Chant Video posted December 21, 2015 in In The Game by In The Game. Loading... In light of the recent racial tensions at universities across the country, In the Game reporter Kristen Garrone ...

For those who want to accept the claim that the 1947-48 football team events are the source of the phrase “We Are Penn State”, they have to address four major issues. Between 1947-48 and the late 1970s/early 1980s, there is no mention of the phrase “We Are Penn State” or its connection to the events surrounding the Cotton Bowl in The Collegian archives or any other university source.

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