What is a major in college?

Domenico Kassulke asked a question: What is a major in college?
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A major is a specific subject area that students specialize in. Typically, between one-third and one-half of the courses you'll take in college will be in your major or related to it.


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Top 10 College Majors

  1. Computer Science…
  2. Communications…
  3. Government/Political Science…
  4. Business…
  5. Economics…
  6. English Language and Literature…
  7. Psychology…
  8. Nursing.

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A major in college is somewhat like a main course of study.For instance if you say Psychology is your "major" ,that's simply saying you are in college to mainly study Psychology.That is the "main course of study"

What Is a College Major? A college major is the area of study that a student will specialize in when pursuing a degree at a college or university. The choice of a major is the most important step a student makes. Some colleges do not let a student declare a major until the second year of college.

A major is simply a specific subject that students can specialize in while aspiring to a college degree. Typically, between a third and half of the courses you take in college are in your major or related to it. By completing a major, you demonstrate sustained, high-level work in one subject. In some majors, you prepare for a specific career.

The best college major definition is that your college major is the specific area that you'll spend most of your time in college studying. Most colleges and universities have tons of options for topics you can study for your major.

List of College Majors. Below is a list of over 1,800 college majors profiled on MyMajors. Search for majors by selecting a category and refining your search or use search box below. Major Pages include Description, Courses, Careers, Salary, Related Majors and Colleges offering major.

A major is simply a “major area of focus” for your college studies. All students are required to complete about 40 college classes to earn a bachelor’s degree. Of those 40 classes, your college major will be about 12 classes. Sounds crazy that you spend such a small time on your area of focus, right?

But, knowing what major you’re interested in can play a role in determining the right college for you – so it’s an important factor to consider. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 200 college majors. NB: Few schools offer all the majors on this list. Use our school-search tool to find colleges with the program that interests you.

A major is the subject that's the main focus of your degree. Most of your courses will be in your major and you'll graduate with a degree in that major, e.g., Bachelor of Science in Public Health, Bachelor of Arts in History, Bachelor of Environmental Studies in Geomatics. Major and program are often used interchangeably.

College offers you many academic freedoms. You can cultivate existing passions and explore new interests—and find a major that will put you on the career path you want.. Whatever major you choose, don't pick based on the courses that come easiest to you, or what your friends are studying, because you'll be cheating yourself out of some great opportunities and self-discovery!

Because universities require a certain number of total university credits for graduation, a students’ coursework is generally divided into three components: general education or distribution requirements, major requirements, and minor or elective courses.

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  • The best college majors for finding the highest-paying jobs after graduation tend to be in STEM fields: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
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A concentration is a structured plan of study within a major. The number of credit hours for a concentration varies, but is included within the credit hours for the major. The concentration appears on the official transcript.

What is an major for college?

A major is a specific subject area that students specialize in. Typically, between one-third and one-half of the courses you'll take in college will be in your major or related to it. At some colleges, you can even: ... Have a major and a minor (a specialization that requires fewer courses than a major).

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A recent poll by Payscale found that degree-holding alumni generally recommended majors in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields; other areas with high approval ratings included business, accounting and finance, nursing and health care management.

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  • #1: Psychology. Psychology majors study the inner workings of the human psyche…
  • #2: Criminal Justice…
  • #3: English…
  • #4: Education…
  • #5: Social Work…
  • #6: Sociology…
  • #7: Communications…
  • #8: History.
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  • Computer Science and Computer Information Systems. The value of a Computer Science or Computer Information Systems degree cannot be denied.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Business Administration and Management.
  • Communication Disorders.
What is your major in college?

A major is simply a specific subject that students can specialize in while aspiring to a college degree. Typically, between a third and half of the courses you take in college are in your major or related to it… In some majors, you prepare for a specific career.

What major we have in college?

Students of this top college major need to be creative but also have the ability to think analytically about how we use language and its mechanics. Bachelors programs for English majors are widely available online or on campus.

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A college major is the primary area of study that you will pursue during your undergraduate education.

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  • Each degree-seeking student at Montgomery College has a program of study (also called a major). You may verify your program of study by logging into MyMC. Click on the "My Classes" tab, choose "Apply for Graduation", then choose "Degree Evaluation" and select the current term.
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