What is a tipical school day like in myamar?

Alek Gleason asked a question: What is a tipical school day like in myamar?
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Education levels in Myanmar consists of primary, middle and secondary school levels before moving on to tertiary education. Primary school is made up of Grades 1 to 5 and lasts five years. Primary school education is compulsory for all children in Myanmar. Grades 6 to 9 fall under middle school and last four years.


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  • 1. In some areas, school was once taught in a single room. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, one room schoolhouses were the norm in rural areas. A single teacher taught grades one through eight together. The youngest students—called Abecedarians, because they would learn their ABCs —sat in the front, while the oldest sat in the back.

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  • In that sense, schools have really come a long way, and hopefully, they keep moving in that direction in the future as well. Cliques used to be a big thing in schools, and while they still do exist, it is evident that nowadays children like to mingle and hang out with different kinds of people more.

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It is an intensive program that immerses students in all things related to the human body. It's comprised of more than 4,200 hours of class and lab work that includes biochemistry, anatomy, clinical neurology, skeletal radiology, diagnosis, chiropractic technique, and much more.

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MARINE CORPS RECRUIT DEPOT SAN DIEGO, CA -- According to rumor, Drill Instructor School is like returning to boot camp, and consequently, some students might show up there thinking they are in for a trip back to their first day on the yellow footprints.