What is the most unlike subject in school?

John Sanford asked a question: What is the most unlike subject in school?
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🎓 What is the most boring school subject?

  • 'Only the boring will be bored' ...
  • Subject number one on the list is Maths…
  • Subject number two is Spanish…
  • Subject number three is American history…
  • Subject number four is Social Studies…
  • Subject number five is Physical Education…
  • Subject number six is Sex Education.

🎓 What is the most popular subject at school?

being in school doesnt mean subjects are more popular than any other.....what ever u think is best

🎓 What subject did you hate most in school?

ReuDodGe AV. , JEE Aspirant | 022. Answered April 1, 2021. The subject which I hated the most in my school was “Social Studies”. It comprised of four sub-parts viz History, Geography, Politics and Economics. In one word, I described the subject as “Bullshit”.

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I think the most unlike subject in school is math My least favorite is history (don't tell my teacher)

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What subject do students fail the most?

  • College Algebra. The evil, despicable and terrible villain of early high school has come back to haunt you…
  • Organic Chemistry. The presence of this class on this list might not come as a surprise…
  • Physics…
  • Anatomy and Physiology.

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What most highly regarded subject in medieval universities?


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What subject do students struggle with the most?

Take a look at the most common reasons students struggle with math - and how to find help. Mathematics is often considered to be one of the most challenging subjects in school. Recent surveys report that 37% of teens aged 13-17 found math to be the most difficult subject – the highest ranked overall.

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Why most students dislike mathematics subject?

school senior high

Major reasons to dislike mathematics were related to difficulty in understanding the subject matter, and teacher or instructional related factors… A large division of students use blind strategies in learning mathematics and possess less adaptive self efficacy beliefs and epistemological beliefs.

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What is my best school subject?

The rules are simple. We’re going to ask you a few simple questions about your day-to-day life and then with our patented Wizard technology, we’re going to Magically tell you exactly what subject you loved most in school.

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What school subject start with e?

esl_stands for English as a second language

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What subject do high school have?

Judging by your grammar, it sounds like you better go to high school to find out.

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Do most students take sat subject tests?

chemistry universities

We typically advise students to take Subject Tests when they're recommended, and we strongly advise in favor of it when they're strongly recommended. If a school says that these scores are “considered,” however, you can take this guideline more lightly.

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What is a subject for elementary school?

Elementary school teachers usually have one class and they teach their students several different subjects. The curriculum is usually structured around the fundamental subjects of mathematics, science, social studies, language arts, music, art and reading.

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What is humanities subject in secondary school?

Rum Tan | 31 December 2020. Secondary Two students moving to Secondary Three will notice that there is a compulsory subject named Combined Humanities. Students will also notice that they will need to decide the ‘elective’ of Combined Humanities. Now, if you’re confused about what I’m talking about, please read on.

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What is my best school subject quiz?

We’ll be out of here before you know it — unless you get detention. The rules are simple. We’re going to ask you a few simple questions about your day-to-day life and then with our patented Wizard technology, we’re going to Magically tell you exactly what subject you loved most in school.

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What is the easiest subject in school?

  • Physical Education. In high school, you might have dreaded PE, but don't worry: college PE doesn't resemble that stuff of your nightmares in the least…
  • Music Appreciation. If you appreciate music, well, this is the class for you! ...
  • Personal Finance…
  • Introductory Psychology…
  • Film Studies.

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What is wilma rudolph favorite school subject?

cooking cookies

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What is your best subject in school?

  • Social Studies (34%, 85 Votes)
  • Math (18%, 46 Votes)
  • English (14%, 36 Votes)
  • Science (14%, 36 Votes)
  • Gym (8%, 20 Votes)
  • Music/Art (7%, 17 Votes)
  • Foreign Language (4%, 9 Votes)

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What is your favorite subject in school?

History is my best and favorite subject. People babble on how math and science are so important but we can't forget how education became or how America stood up against the British or how the Great Depression was Americas worst session. If we didn't learn about history, we may repeat the same mistakes in the past.

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What school subject does solstice go into?

at my school, geography. we have it as a vocabulary word like summer solstice

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What school subject start with letter b?

Biology is a school subject. Band is a school subject.

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What subject do meteorologist study in school?


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What subject do you like in school?

My favorite subject varies year-to-year and changes every school year. For example, all throughout middle school, my favorite subjects were reading and science. When I entered high school, my favorite subject was Geometry. My second year of high school, my favorite subject was physics.

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What subject in school is the hardest?

  • Mathematics. Only a few students find Math an easy subject.
  • Physics. Many students name Physics as the hardest school subject.
  • English…
  • Chemistry.
  • Literature.
  • Physical education.
  • Philosophy.
  • History.

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What subject is the hardest in school?

  • Chemistry. Chemistry is famous for being one of the hardest subjects ever, so it's no surprise that a Chemistry degree is fiercely challenging…
  • Medicine…
  • Architecture…
  • Physics…
  • Biomedical Science…
  • Law…
  • Neuroscience…
  • Astronomy.

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What was beyonce's favorite subject in school?

beyonce's favorite subject was math in school.....I was her teacher

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What was marilyn monroes best school subject?

As Marilyn Monroe was a orphan , so I doubt that she ever went to school.

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What subject did wilt chamberlain study most in his college?


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Do most colleges require sat subject 2 tests?

Spread the loveIn the US, you do not need to take the SAT Subject Tests for most college admissions. But in some colleges, this type of test is required for some specific programs. Several other colleges and universities recommend such tests. Every year several colleges drop the requirement for these tests. The prevalence of the pandemic has sped up this process. As a result, very few students ...

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