When was the first college business degree offered?

Amani Fahey asked a question: When was the first college business degree offered?
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  • 1900 – The first graduate school of business in the United States, the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, was founded. The school conferred the first advanced degree in business, specifically, a Master of Science in Commercial Sciences, the predecessor to the MBA.


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  • The school was established in 1908. Initially established by the humanities faculty, it received independent status in 1910, and became a separate administrative unit in 1913.

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1908 – Harvard Business School was founded at Harvard University. It was the first program in the world to offer the Master of Business Administration degree. 1909 – Stockholm School of Economics was founded on the initiative of the Swedish business sector and is the oldest business school in Sweden.

The first MBA program for professionals in the business world was offered at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business in 1940. The degree was the Executive MBA, and was also offered at campuses in London and Singapore. The program paved the way for programs that are offered by the majority of business schools in the United States today.

The first classes didn’t take place until more than a decade after the true establishment of the university. 20 students formed the inaugural class in 1824, under the instruction of just two faculty members and the first president of the university, Robert Hamilton Bishop.

Loyola Marymount University was one of the first universities in the United States to offer a degree in entrepreneurship, and the Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship has a unique emphasis on ethics and social responsibility. This degree requires 120 to 125 credits for completion.

In 2010, more than 6 million students were taking at least one course online. As of 2013, the number of students enrolled in online courses had risen to over 6.7 million. According to Steve Lohr's article in the New York Times, a major study was done in 2009 that was funded by the Education Department.

However, the concept is over 170 years old and has its origins in a correspondence course offered in Great Britain where the instructor sent lessons and received students’ completed assignments by mail.

Business courses (accounting, shorthand, and typewriting) were first offered at Colorado A&M in 1944. The first formal business program (a two-year secretarial certificate) was offered in 1950. The bachelor's degree in business was first offered in 1956 and within two years the School of Business was formed and located in Johnson Hall.

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A college degree is not required to start a business, but it certainly helps… "It depends on what type of business and industry you're entering; however, everyone should have some basic knowledge in business management, marketing, taxes and sales," Grech told Business News Daily.

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  • Today, entrepreneurs starting up businesses don't necessarily need a business degree. After all, an entrepreneur makes his or her own destiny. While having a business degree could make some things easier, having a business degree does not guarantee business success.
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A business degree is a great way to develop many of the transferable skills needed for working in a business environment… The advantage of a joint degree is that you acquire general business skills along with more specialized ones, leaving you well placed when it comes to applying for graduate jobs.

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  • Management Information Systems. MIS is the designation for people who help firms manage investments in equipment, personnel, and services. Essentially, students in these programs learn about business concepts and technology, so that they can use computer systems to solve business problems.
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  1. MBA: This might go without saying, but a master's degree in business administration is without a doubt the top paying degree, all around…
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Virginia State University offers 30 distinct undergraduate degrees, concentrated into 30 majors within 20 broad fields of study.

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  • Types of Programs Offered at Community Colleges. Community colleges are public schools that offer associate's degrees, diplomas and certificates. Community colleges are designed for a variety of students, including those who want vocational training, a different career or enough credits to transfer to a 4-year college.
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  • Simply having a college degree doesn’t guarantee one will get the job, nor should it. Employees need to bring skills to the table, as well as the ability to continue learning, growing, and providing value for their employer (s). I am not saying people who choose low paying degrees aren’t successful, not even.
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  • Other common graduate careers with a business degree include roles within auditing, banking, communications, distribution, energy and utilities, hospitality and leisure, IT, insurance, journalism, law, logistics, manufacturing, media administration, production management, public relations, the public sector and defense, risk management and tax.
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  • A bachelor's in business management degree typically requires 120 credits and takes full-time students four years to complete. Because of its interdisciplinary nature, business management graduates complete coursework in areas like marketing, economics, business, and accounting.
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  • A bachelor's degree in business management offers significant advantages over an associate degree in the field. Bachelor's degree-holders may pursue a variety of entry-level jobs in business and finance, including roles as financial analysts, human resources specialists, and management consultants.
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College change or university change after first year is completely dependent on the college and university norms. Some universities allow it and some won't, plus you need to have good score in first year to apply for the same. For further details, contact the college authorities.