When was university of richmond created?

Gene O'Keefe asked a question: When was university of richmond created?
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🎓 When was richmond university medical center created?

Richmond University Medical Center was created in 2007.

🎓 When was the collegian - university of richmond - created?

The Collegian - University of Richmond - was created in 1914.

🎓 When was university of richmond school of law created?

University of Richmond School of Law was created in 1870.

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University of Richmond was created in 1830.

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When was africa university created?

Africa University was created in 1992.

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When was alfred university created?

Alfred University was created in 1836.

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When was allen university created?

Allen University was created in 1870.

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When was american university created?

American University was created on 1893-02-24.

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When was anna university created?

Anna University was created in 1978.

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When was annamalai university created?

Annamalai University was created in 1929.

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When was antioch university created?

Antioch University was created in 1978.

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When was arcadia university created?

Arcadia University was created in 1853.

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When was arellano university created?

Arellano University was created on 1938-02-27.

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When was argosy university created?

Argosy University was created in 197#.

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When was ashford university created?

Ashford University was created in 1918.

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When was ashland university created?

Ashland University was created in 1878.

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When was asian university created?

Asian University was created in 1993.

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When was assam university created?

Assam University was created in 1994.

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When was athabasca university created?

Athabasca University was created in 1970.

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When was atlantic university created?

Atlantic University was created in 1930.

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When was auburn university created?

Auburn University was created in 1856.

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When was aurora university created?

Aurora University was created in 1893.

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When was averett university created?

Averett University was created in 1859.

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When was baker university created?

Baker University was created in 1858.

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When was baldwin university created?

Baldwin University was created in 1855.

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When was bangalore university created?

Bangalore University was created in 1886.

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When was bangkok university created?

Bangkok University was created in 1962.

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When was bastyr university created?

Bastyr University was created in 1978.

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When was baylor university created?

Baylor University was created in 1845.

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