Which college produces the best qbs?

Emelia Hartmann asked a question: Which college produces the best qbs?
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Who are the best college qbs?

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The Cal Golden Bears have produced five Super Bowl-starting quarterbacks — the most of any school. Alabama and Purdue each have three alums who have won the Super Bowl starting under center.


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🎓 Which college produces the best nfl players?

  • Clemson University (SC) NFL players: 29…
  • University of Notre Dame (IN) NFL players: 29…
  • University of Oklahoma. NFL players: 29…
  • University of Miami. NFL players: 30…
  • Pennsylvania State University—University Park. NFL players: 32…
  • University of Georgia. NFL players: 32…
  • University of Michigan—Ann Arbor…
  • University of Florida.

🎓 Which college produces the best nfl quarterbacks?

Purdue University

15 Purdue QBs went on to the NFL; Purdue is tied for first with Alabama in producing Super Bowl winning quarterbacks. According to ESPN.com, Purdue QBs have won (and started) more NFL games than any other school; thrown for the most touchdowns and yards in the NFL.

🎓 Which college produces the best running backs?

  • Oklahoma has produced some of the greatest college running backs of all time, from Billy Vessels and Billy Sims to Adrian Peterson—who could have gone down as the best ever if he'd been able to stay healthy. Steve Owens, Joe Washington, Greg Pruitt and Quentin Griffin are also on the must-mention list of the Sooners' All-American running backs.

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All do respect to Trevor Siemian (Northwestern), I just wanted to list these 4 QBs, as that’s all that is needed for the Big Ten to claim the title as “conference who has produced best active NFL QBs”. It’s not all that close in my opinion, as Brady Wilson and Brees have all won Super Bowls.

Pictured: Kyler Murray. Welcome to the “QB U” edition of the NFL University series. If you’ve been following along we’ve already covered the true “NFL University” in Miami...

The following schools are the best at this unique, QB-making skill. University of Washington’s historic starting QB success People call the top quarterback-producing school “Quarterback U.” And the University of Washington, which has sent 15 starting QBs to the NFL draft, earned this title.

Notable QBs: Doug Flutie, Matt Hasselback and Matt Ryan. Perhaps underrated in “Quarterback U” worthiness, Boston College has provided the NFL with 15 QBs over the years.

Which Colleges Really Produce the Best NFL QBs? 1. A sorted List of number of qb's by college School QB's Washington 3 USC 3 Tulane 3 Oregon 3 Michigan 3 Miami... 2. A sorted list of number of starters by college School Starting QB's USC 2 West Virginia 1 Alabama State 1 Alcorn... 3. A sorted list ...

Long known as the true Quarterback U, Miami pumped them out with the best of them in the 1980s and 1990s, beginning with Jim Kelly, going through Heisman winners Gino Torretta and Vinny Testaverde...

Jurkovec, an incoming transfer and former 2018 four-star recruit (83rd nationally, according to 247Sports), has the chance to be the best quarterback the program has had in the PFF College era. No Eagles starter since 2014 has produced a season passing grade above 70.0.

Southern Cal is the only school to produce multiple Pro Bowl QBs during this span (Carson Palmer and Matt Cassel). LSU's numbers are torpedoed by historic bust JaMarcus Russell (10 starts, 18 TD...

Sam Darnold is the only current starter from USC, and Matt Barkley and Cody Kessler are the only other active Trojans QBs in the NFL. In the 20-year set, Oklahoma would also be leap-frogged by ...

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Which college best nfl talent?
  • University of Miami…
  • Pennsylvania State University—University Park…
  • University of Georgia…
  • University of Michigan—Ann Arbor. NFL players: 33…
  • University of Florida. NFL players: 39…
  • Louisiana State University—Baton Rouge. NFL players: 41…
  • Ohio State University—Columbus. NFL players: 50…
  • University of Alabama. NFL players: 56.
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