Who was the teacher of alexander of macedon?

Rae Wuckert asked a question: Who was the teacher of alexander of macedon?
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Alexander was the son of Philip II and Olympias (daughter of King Neoptolemus of Epirus). From age 13 to 16 he was taught by the Greek philosopher Aristotle, who inspired his interest in philosophy, medicine, and scientific investigation.


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🎓 Was aristotle alexander the great teacher?

In 343 BCE Aristotle was summoned by King Philip II of Macedon to tutor his son Alexander the Great. He was hired by Philip II, King of Macedon (r. 359-336 BCE) as tutor for his son Alexander the Great (l.

🎓 Who was a respected teacher of alexander the great?

  • A.Plato B.Aristotle C.Socrates D. Anaximander. ARISTOTLE was the respected teacher of Alexander the Great.

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Who was alexander the great famous tutor?
  • Alexander the Great was tutored by the famed Greek philosopher, Aristotle. Philip II invited Aristotle to teach in the royal academy of Macedon.
Why did aristotle tutor alexander the great?

Aristotle believed that slavery was a natural institution, and that barbarians were by nature meant to be slaves… In these respects, Aristotle's influence was likely essential, for he pushed Alexander along a path that diverged greatly from the more precarious model set by his father.

What did alexander the great tutor teach him?

Aristotle taught Alexander and his friends about medicine, philosophy, morals, religion, logic, and art. Under Aristotle's tutelage, Alexander developed a passion for the works of Homer. Aristotle gave him an annotated copy, which Alexander later carried on his campaigns.

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Who was the tutor to alexander the great?

philosopher Aristotle

When Alexander was 13, Philip called on the great philosopher Aristotle to tutor his son. Aristotle sparked and fostered Alexander's interest in literature, science, medicine and philosophy. Did alexander hamilton get a scholarship to kings college?

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What famous greek philosopher served as alexander the great's tutor?
  • Socrates was Plato’s teacher, Aristotle learned at Plato’s Academy, and Aristotle was the well-paid tutor of Alexander the Great. In other words, the famous Greek philosophers and the famous Greek philosopher-king (of sorts) all had a student-teacher relationship. It works like this:
Who became the well paid tutor for alexander the great?

Aristotle: A long walk to the Golden Mean

Aristotle was Plato's best student. He went on to become the very well-paid tutor —probably the highest paid philosopher in history — of Alexander the Great. Aristotle started his own philosophical school when he was 50 years old.

Who was hired to tutor alexander when he was 13?

Alexander's Youth

This tutelage would instill in Alexander a lifelong love of reading and music. At the age of 13 or 14, Alexander was introduced to the Greek philosopher Aristotle (l. 384-322 BCE) whom Philip hired as a private tutor.

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Who was a student of plato and tutor for alexander the great?


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